XCINO's Enterprise Delivery Framework

In order for XCINO to deliver effective business solutions it's important to ensure our team completely understands our customer's pain points, so our solutions deliver real business value. It's also important to maintain the highest level of quality in every stage of solution development. In order to consistently execute our services successfully and with high quality it's important to have a framework.

This is ours.

XCINO's Enterprise Delivery Framework consists of 5 stages;

  • Evaluate
  • Architect
  • Implement
  • Activate
  • Sustain

› Evaluate
During the Evaluate stage, XCINO will understand customer goals and requirements by gathering specific data from all appropriate parties. XCINO will then validate the goals and requirements of your business to create the following assessments;

  • Business Assessment
  • Technical Assessment
  • Impact Analysis

› Architect
XCINO helps ensure future success by laying the essential foundation for solution development and deployment. XCINO identifies criteria and availability objectives to be used within strategy evaluation, determines and examines solution alternatives and makes a final recommendation. This stage consists of the following;

  • Strategy Analysis
  • Solution Design

› Implement
The implement stage is the culmination of solid research and meticulous planning. Using a detailed project schedule, XCINO creates a set of procedures and documentation to help address previously identified objectives for business and technology availability. Once this is complete, we oversee and administer this process - from conception to execution and ensure Solution Delivery. This stage consists of the following;

  • Development
  • Implementation

› Activate
The Activate Stage is an opportunity to compare project goals with actual outcomes. Using action plans, XCINO validates a solution by evaluating it against business and/or technical objectives, as well as applicable best practices and industry comparisons. After that we help prepare for production - supplying the processes tools, support and intellectual capital needed to effectively respond to and manage targeted situation. This stage consists of the following;

  • Validation
  • Situation Management
  • Measurement

› Sustain
By evaluating feedback and triggers, XCINO can help ensure that a program remains current and continues to address an organization's goals and objectives. Our rigorous commitment to change management facilitates solutions support, improvement and education - all of which are key to Solution Evolution. This stage consists of the following;

  • Maintenance
  • Enhancement
  • Training

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